Vintage Textiles

Vintage Textiles- Collected and sometimes for sale.

Vintage Womble fabric. It was used as curtain fabric but could make a wonderful lining or shell for a Jacket.

womble fabric


60’s/70’s fabric in the contemporary home.

Vintage Bedcover

Jim wears a Sutex polo shirt and Pan ears a NZ made shirt dress.

Vintage 1

I couldn’t resist purchasing this 70’s tablecloth and vintage apron.IMG_3932IMG_3928

January 2013- Today, while researching on the internet, this 1970s textile design by Pat Albeck caught my interest. Wonderful, almost naive, graphic patterns.

Pat Albeck 1970's textile

I love these two ‘Conversational’ pattern textiles. A 50s nautical themed tablecloth- great colours and delightful ship and anchor illustrations.  And a Hunting themed scarf in the style of Hermes.

1970s fabric samples

1950s fabric samples


1950’s Tablecloth.

Vintage size 14 dress

Vintage Hawaiian Dress

Two Vintage Aprons

Vintage French hand stitched slip.

Holland themed cross stitch table cloth.

70’s Fabric Samples

Pink and yellow floral coaster.

Wanda II– 1940’s Fleetwing Caravan. Textiles from Wanda II’s interior.

1960’s Italian Silk ‘A’ line dress

1960’s English, acetate knit, princess line dress

Brown lace pocket

Brown Lace Pocket apron. $10 NZD + Postage and packaging.

orange apron

Orange Apron. $10 NZD + Postage and packaging.

Blue hoop la apron

Blue Hoop-la apron. N.F.S.

green zigzag apron

Zigzag cut hem apron. $10 NZD + Postage and packaging.

purple apron

Purple wide band apron. Sold

slit pocket apron

Slit pocket apron. $10 NZD + Postage and packaging.

Fabric mag cover

Handmade hard cover for magazine. Printed cloth, cardboard and cord. N.F.S.

Hoop la Apron

Detail of Hoop-La-Apron, made in N.Z. by Decoy Christchurch. N.F.S.

Gold Coast T towel

Gold Coast  Australia, linen tea towel. Detail of plane illustration. N.F.S.



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