Vintage Clothing and Fabric

July Diary

Brown Street Bespoke at the Vintage Roundup 14 April


Thank you Brown Street Bespoke friends, colleagues and supporters. It is school holidays and at last I have some time to sort out my studio- put away costumes, file paper work and hang up new vintage purchases. And then…….sewing, designing, bedazzling…


Relining Winter Coats

At last Brown Street Bespoke’s favourite winter coat has been relined. It was lined with a ghastly white polyester which I strongly suspect was not the original lining for a 1960’s coat. The lining always felt cold and marked easily. I have relined the the coat with a fine East African cotton print and the sleeves with silk from a kimono. It looks and feels so much better for the upcoming winter.

I think Brown Street Bespoke’s vintage Womble print cotton would make an ideal quirky lining or shell. Email me if you would like a coat/ jacket to have a Womble make over!

Coat Lining

Vintage Fabric At Home

Brown Street Bespoke has had this lovely long length of Bark Cloth for some time. In the past I have half heartedly offered it for sale, as can be seen in previous market photos. The fabric is now a confirmed ‘keeper’ as I have finally found a use for the fabric that has required minimal cutting, zero waste and importantly it will be enjoyed on a daily basis for a long time- A bed cover!

Vintage Bedcover

2015- Collecting and Tailoring


Brown Street has a bit of a weakness for jumpsuit patterns. Oh dear.. there are many more in my collection. However, they are perfect for my favourite vintage fabrics.

IMG_7966 IMG_7968 IMG_7964  IMG_7959


IMG_7773     IMG_7770        IMG_7951

A beautiful tweed coat transformed into a tailored jacket and a vest. Sometimes a thread traces a more accurate line than chalk. Interfacing stabilises the hem line.

A Winter Coat or Two

This winter I have rediscovered the joy of wearing a coat. Rather than layering jerseys and cardigans I have been wearing a coat that is of the right weight and cut for the day’s planned activities. For example, if it is an indoor day then this Valentino coat worn like a warm dress/tunic would be a great idea for our not always warm Dunedin houses.

Valentino Pattern


The fabulous selection of coatings at The Fabric Store may inspire you to have a coat made for your lifestyle and body shape. Come and talk to me about your ideas at Market 22 this Saturday.

The gorgeous coat, pictured below, was commissioned as a warm outer layer. The contrasting lining, which is hidden in the photos, is an extra special visual treat for the owner!

CP Com 14

The Vintage Roundup- 29 March- Dunedin.

Brown Street Bespoke is pleased to be participating in the upcoming The Vintage Roundup. I love this event for so many reasons:

-I am able to share some of my collected vintage treasures making space for even more collecting!

-It is wonderful to be able to chit chat with so many other like minded folk, both store holders and customers. The atmosphere is like vintage clothing club day.

-Importantly it is a great opportunity to find exciting pieces for you wardrobe. A great time to find something special for ID Fashion week.

Round up poster

Keep an eye on the side menu for photos of Jim and Pan modeling Brown Street Bespoke Vintage!