Shakespeare Costumes- Done!

Instructions and notes from daughter, a little more research, and a visit to ‘Op’ shops for fabric. Add some Brown Street Bespoke draping and tailoring skills and that equals costumes finished and ready for tomorrow.

Shakespeare costumes


Where would we be without our daughters?

I wonder if I would ever have had the opportunity to design and make flower headdresses back in 2009 if our daughters weren’t involved the the school of Dance and Theatre Arts.DTA Flowers 2009


Would I have subsequently pursued an in depth knowledge of pattern making by enrolling in a Graduate diploma in Fashion at Otago Polytechnic if I had not made those headdresses.

I do know that I would not have helped with Cos Play and sewing ribbons on Pointe shoes in 2015 if I did not have my girls. They are an inspiration!

Big Little Girl


Vintage Fabric At Home

Brown Street Bespoke has had this lovely long length of Bark Cloth for some time. In the past I have half heartedly offered it for sale, as can be seen in previous market photos. The fabric is now a confirmed ‘keeper’ as I have finally found a use for the fabric that has required minimal cutting, zero waste and importantly it will be enjoyed on a daily basis for a long time- A bed cover!

Vintage Bedcover

Vintage Vogue + Vintage Fabric = Brown Street Bomber

Brown Street Bespoke has spent many happy hours admiring the beauty and history of 15 newly collected vintage dress patterns. Mix that with a palette of fabrics and a passion for pattern cutting and you get new work.

Vintage Bomber


2015- Collecting and Tailoring


Brown Street has a bit of a weakness for jumpsuit patterns. Oh dear.. there are many more in my collection. However, they are perfect for my favourite vintage fabrics.

IMG_7966 IMG_7968 IMG_7964  IMG_7959


IMG_7773     IMG_7770        IMG_7951

A beautiful tweed coat transformed into a tailored jacket and a vest. Sometimes a thread traces a more accurate line than chalk. Interfacing stabilises the hem line.

The Vintage Roundup- 1 November

Brown Street Bespoke Vintage has been thinking ahead to Christmas- a fabulous green smock and pinny for preparing the turkey and ‘Lady Lichfield’ and ‘Moods of Europe’ for those special party dresses. See you at the Burns Hall, Moray Place, Dunedin this Saturday 11am to 3pm. It will be a fabulous opportunity to see and purchase vintage garments from your favorite decades.