Wizard of Oz Costume Design

For the past 10 weeks I have been working on the costume design for Columba College’s production of the Wizard of Oz. It has been a wonderful experience to have been working with Directing ‘legend’ Gladys Hope, choreographer Anna Nees and to have Teresa Andrew as my amazing mentor. The cast were outstanding young people who were great to work with. All in all it has been a very intense and rewarding experience which I would do again!

Below are some photos generously shared by Kelk Photography.

Wizard of Oz 1096_WOO103_WOO 123_WOO043_WOO 017_WOO 032_WOO copy



    1. Columba college is ”thanking their lucky stars…”, we are most grateful for Amanda’s expertise, time and talent. The show was especially spectacular, with her individual design and expert construction of the fabulously-superb costumes, (not to mention Amanda’s calm, positive and delightful personality!) Thank-you so much Amanda! We could not have done this without you !

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