A Bespoke Commission.

Bespoke means made-to- measure. And Brown Street Bespoke is passionate about making such garments. Enquiring and ordering a garment from Brown Street Bespoke should not be a daunting experience but one that is enjoyable and rewarding.Vintage Promo 14 6

The first step is for you to decide what you would like made- jacket, coat, shirt, trousers, dress, skirt…. The starting point for the decision could be a length of fabric you already own or it could be a dress that is the perfect fit and design but needs to be replaced. Please contact me by telephone, email or text.  We will then organize a time to meet to discuss the garment design and to take measurements. At this time I will also give an approximate cost for design, patternmaking and garment construction.

Vintage Promo 14 7

At the first consultation I will discuss style and design of garment. I will listen to your ideas and look at pictures and or an existing garment that you may have brought to illustrate what you would like made. I will show you some designs and we will agree on the garment design. We will then discuss possible fabric selections and I will take your measurements. I will give a final quote for design, patternmaking and garment construction. When we are in agreement the client is expected to pay for half design, patternmaking and garment construction costs before proceeding to make the first patterns and toile.

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About a week later there will be a second consultation. You will try on a toile to check the fit and design of the garment. We will make final selections of fabric from swatches that I will provide and from those you may have collected. Before I purchase the garment materials (including fabric, lining, interfacing, buttons etc) I will ring or email the client with an accurate quote and confirm choices). At this stage the client is expected to pay the final installment of the design, patternmaking and garment construction costs. IMG_2666

The third consultation will be about a week after the second.  You will be able to try on the final garment. Sleeve and hem lengths will be finalised and the overall fit will be checked. The client will be expected to pay for materials at this point.

In a few days time your garment will be complete and ready to wear. Perfect!

I look forward to meeting you in the future.



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