Postcard from Auckland- Vintage clothing, Starck and Marimekko

Auckland Vintage 2

A family visit to Auckland provided a welcome opportunity to visit new and old Vintage clothing haunts. Luckily, visiting these shops was not a one sided affair as most locations provided interest for the whole family. Vixen, in St Kevins arcade, was a delight- a great range of men’s and women’s wear and Western boots to die for. A visit to Alleluya Cafe, at the Myers Park end of the arcade, kept everyone happy.

Peachy Keen provided much delight- I now own a Rockmount Western shirt and a few other vintage delights. I spent ages looking at the mens bowling shirts- iconic American wear. Peachy Keen resides within Real Groovy Records- the family were hooked and bought one or two Christmas presents.

An unexpected delight was, the boat (Super Yacht) that looks like a submarine. It had grabbed our attention many times as we drove across the harbour bridge, so it was great to discover that it was designed by Philippe Starck and is being refurbished in Auckland.

Auckland Vintage 1

Last but not least- my very own vintage Marimekko zip front dress/coat. In the future I too will be able to look as stylish as Australia’s interior designer- Marion Hall Best. c.1969

Thank you to my teenage daughter for the wonderful photos.


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